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Made in USA! On Vintage Old School American made equipment! When good enough isn't good enough! We have had so many requests for a larger more aggressive XJ panel that we are introducing Our New XJ "Maximus" louvered panel as big as you can get and still avoid the front and rear hood brace. 136, 4" wide louvers provide 153 sq inches of heat exhaust!!! These really let your radiator and fans do their jobs! These Aluminum louvered panels have radius corners and mounting holes. They are made on a high tonnage press brake for much crisper stronger forms and larger deeper openings to really get that hot air out of your engine compartment (see photo). These are designed to be bolted on (with included Stainless Steel hardware) with the holes already punched. They are made from 16 Ga 5052 aluminum. The 136 louvers are wide and 3/8 tall to get the most hot air out of that engine compartment. Each panel is 20" wide(tire to tire) and 27" long(grill to windshield). Mounting hardware is included with 48 sets of 3/4" 1/4"-20 Stainless Steel Button Head Machine bolts with self locking nuts (you don't have to mess around with lock washers) We also include the 5/32" hex wrench! Please contact us for a quote on custom applications, larger or smaller panels, aluminum, deck lids.


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by Carlos salazar
on 1/24/2022
Install 05 xterra
Bought this product from their Amazon store quick delivery was quick was just a couple of days shy of a week they are meant for a xj but with just a few minor adjustments basically slight bending made them fit the hood of my xterra couldn't be happier for a made in the USA product would like to provide pics of possible
by Proud owner of the Jeep in the photos
on 3/21/2021
Too bad I can only give 5 stars
First of all, shout out to Dave, he's da real MVP. Thank you for putting up with my million and one questions. Alright so, my 2000 Cherokee sport (the one pictured above) ran just a wee bit on the warm side even with new water pump, fresh coolant, flushed radiator and heater core, and a corrosion free block. I couldn't justify shelling out a grand for the mishimoto aluminum rad and fan assy at this moment in time, and anytime I was out on the trail or the dunes, or even just excessive trips around town, if I stopped and idled for more than 5 minutes or got stuck in traffic under 10mph the infamous injector #3 heat soak would hit and she'd start missin like a stormtrooper and run like a dog on 2 legs. And thats when I reached out to the most helpful and patient with all my questions and "what ifs". Again can we just get a round of applause for Mr. Dave? After grindin thru the night and drillin til the sun came up I had two ginormous holes in my hood, I left the v shaped brace unlike some YouTube videos I've seen where dude cut it out kuz I didn't want my hood flopping around like a wet noodle. And might I say WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE IT MAKES!!!! After instal I idled for 25-30 minutes with the ac on and I barely reached 210 and was pissed that I idled away 1/8 of a tank of gas. People ask me left and right "aren't you worried about water getting in the engine bay?" 1. It's a Jeep, so not really. 2. I live in Oregon, have ya seen our weather? And 3. I have a cowl intake, I've had my engine completely under water and I only worried about water getting into the cowling, my seats and shifter were already submerged, I was more worried about the TCM under the dash and the airbag module under the center console. Biggest complaints I have about them, 1. When it's 30°F and all you have on is a hoodie and basketball shorts, it can take a tad long for the heater to get jeepin toasty. 2. I have to say thank you so much more often because of how many compliments I get on how rad my baby looks. 3. Some people have the nerve to think I'm some ricer Honda owner with a fartcan exhaust who buys the stick on fender vents and hood scoop at AutoZone and ask if they're just for looks or if they're actually functional. Like do you not see the heat pouring out? Kuz I do. And 4. The top of my intake manifold no longer warms foil wrapped breakfast burritos in 5 minutes, I even have to do the unthinkable and stop after I put em under the hood and flip em over for 10 more minutes in the colder temps so my burrito it warm on both sides. I'll be putting a 195 thermostat back in kuz the 180 I'm running now just doesn't quite keep it up to operating temps at hwy speeds. But flip the ac on and leave it on hot air and the condensor is like a little preheater for the air before it hits the radiator so no sweat, until it's been 20-30 minutes and I'm wondering why I'm literally sweating like Satan's coin purse. All in all Dave is the man, my Jeep only looks hotter than the surface of the sun instead of running like the pyroclastic flows of Kilauea, or Ice Cube. Kuz the Jeep Life made me do it. BEFORE YOU INSTALL THESE!!!! Draw on your hood with an expo or similar dry erase pen and mark out everything. And make sure you have a brand spankin new drill bit, don't push very hard at all, don't use a very high drill speed, and make sure you get a quality drill bit like a Milwaukee or a Dewalt. ATF makes a great cutting fluid in a pinch, and don't just measure twice before you cut. I measured every 3-5 inches as I was grinding thru my hood.
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