Frequently Asked Questions About Our Custom Fabrication Work

How long does my item take to ship once I've placed my order?

Smaller panels 2-3 days. Larger panels will ship within a week.

Do you offer custom fabricated panels?

Absolutely.It is a large part of our business let us know what you need, by filling out our "Custom Request Form" or give us a call and we will get back to you with a quote.

Where do I find the sizing for each panel?

Each panel has the size stated in the description

Who do I contact if my question was not answered here?

Call or email us if you have any questions and we would be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Do I need to worry about water damaging the inside of the panels or my engine?

Over many years, I have created louvered panels for jeeps and off-roading vehicles. The design of the panel limits the ability for water to penetrate or cause damage to off-roading vehicles. Although a small amount of water can get through, it is no different than driving in the rain and having water splash from below.

How do you install the large deck lids?

These decks skins do not have any flanges, and do not have the crown the original deck came with, in order to install, a majority of the original deck outer sheet metal will have to be removed. Many customers set aside the original deck and build a new frame from 1" square tubing, Just trim this panel to fit your stock frame and weld epoxy or rivet in place. If you have questions give me a call and I can walk you through it